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Our new feature Supporter is designed to provide more connection between teams and company-wide celebration.


The Sales Leader's Guide to Pain Points

July 13 · Issue #74 · View online

#1: Employee Morale and Culture Building

We are really excited to tell you about our new feature, Supporter. 
Supporter provides cross-department transparency for those important teams that support the revenue organization. This update is designed to provide more connection between teams, and to allow for company-wide celebration and camaraderie around team successes. 
Supporter highlights: 
  • Supporters can give and receive endorsements/coins, interact with the social feed, view dashboards, and redeem their coins for real-life rewards. 
  • This feature gives teams who support the revenue org (marketing, product, CSM) access to the progress of their goals, which can help give strategic insights into what those teams can do to help achieve those goals. 
  • Access to the platform also helps foster morale and motivation, creates a sense of camaraderie across teams, and builds a positive culture of competition and fun.
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