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We spoke to a leading academic in game theory to better understand sales dynamics 📚 👾 👨‍🎓


The Sales Leader's Guide to Pain Points

April 15 · Issue #68 · View online

#1: Employee Morale and Culture Building

Gamification is everywhere —from our smartwatch to our social media feed or our teleconferencing apps. In fact, the adoption of gaming elements into non-game environments has become so ubiquitous, we don’t always recognize it when we see it. Are you throwing a flattering filter over your Zoom call? That’s gamification. Are you working assiduously to meet your 10,000-steps goal for the day? That’s gamification. Are you paying closer attention than you would like to how many “likes” your latest Instagram post gets? Gamification is working its magic.
From fitness apps to zoom filters to sales calls. Gamification has permeated many aspects of our daily lives. To look closer at this phenomenon, and how it works across generations, we spoke to a leading academic in game theory.
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